Do YOU have a Crafty Nature? 

Encouraging your Crafty Nature by sharing ideas and projects and guiding you through making crafty creations of your own. 

Often times, when I present a new craft or project, some one will ask... "How did you do that? "  or "I would love to learn how to make those".  So I decided to share what I have learned over the years and the new things I learn right here! 

There are so many different materials we can use to create.  Some of my favorites are Polymer Clay, Beads and I love food gifts. 

Hot Chocolate on a Stick ... fun and creative wintertime gift! 

While it is fun to use new materials to create... who doesn't enjoy a shopping trip to the local craft store? .... it is just as much fun and rewarding to find things to reuse or nature for your craft projects...

Bird Seed Ornaments  are a fun project any time of year and make great gifts.